UpcomingVIRTUAL Lunch and Learn: HOW WOMEN WIN

Through an interactive experience, receive some tools that you can begin to put into practice immediately and become empowered to WIN at the Game of Life. These tools have been used to train hundreds of athletes and teams to become just as intentional at training for life as they are at their sport. Connect to the first team you are on – the ME team, in order to connect to others. It’s about training with intention to discover and develop a WINNING life, designed by you. Get the New Thinking, the New Skills and the New Hope to go for transformational change in any aspect of your life.
In this engaging session, learn new life skills that you can go out and practice immediately to:
  • WIN your wellbeing
  • WIN in relationships
  • WIN at work
  • WIN your time
  • WIN your emotions
  • WIN your energy

After completion of this session:

  • You will be able to evaluate every aspect of your work, the people involved in it, from direct reports to clients, to systems, to projects and more.
  • You will be able to quickly assess if you are winning at work or on the way to burnout.
  • You will be empowered to make the choices that impact life and thereby improve productivity, performance and overall wellbeing.

Join us Thursday, February 16 2023 12-1pm PST

Session will be held via ZOOM- login details provided 24 hours prior. 

More about Jane:

Jane became a Certified Sports Life Coach in 2018 and Chief Wellbeing Officer in 2021. Jane’s passion for coaching harkens back to her varied career in sales, sale management, training and consulting. That combined with challenges she faced in her personal life, gave Jane a two-fold mission: to coach other professionals and individuals going through big life transitions and specialize in working with organizations for the development of healthy employees to make a positive impact on the bottom line. Utilizing the tools and skills she trains intentionally every day to live a life on purpose in 3 dimensions: personally, professionally and philanthropically. Jane coaches to give others the opportunity to create a deliberate and sustaining strategy for living a more balanced and fulfilled life.


Website: https://www.championwellbeing.com/jane-cebrynski

  • February 16, 2023
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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