A few times throughout the year, WIFS Portland Metro publishes a newsletter highlighting issues, events and information important to our members.

Fourth Quarter 2014, ISSUE 19


We are excited to bring you the fourth quarterly installment of our newsletter in 2014.  We have such amazing members and sponsors; we want to be able to highlight their achievements.  This addition is chock full of great news from your fellow members, sponsors and the National office!

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Meet the 2015 Portland Metro Chapter Board!

We are thrilled to announce the lineup of 2015 WIFS Portland Metro Board members! We have several new faces joining the board this coming year, and we couldn’t be more excited
for the new energy and ideas these community leaders will bring to the table. A great combination of experienced board members and active chapter members who have joined the leadership team, you can expect great things for 2015!
Marissa Sainz – President
Christy Aleckson – Vice President, Programs Co-Chair
Stefanie Cao – Immediate Past President, Membership Co-Chair
Liliya Jones – Secretary
Marie Selby – Treasurer, Finance Committee
Mara Woloshin – Marketing Co-Chair
Lucy Kairalla – Marketing Co-Chair
Rachel Novak – Membership Co-Chair
Lisa Parks – Programs Co-Chair
Alice Tang – Sponsorship Chair
Marcy David – Sponsorship, At-Large
Tiffany Helleson – Liaison with Morgan Stanley, At-Large

Member Achievements

  • New Board Member Elected as Membership Director of EWGA
    Tiffany Helleson, new board member for 2015, was recently elected as Membership Director of the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) for 2015-16. Tiffany, it sounds like this is going to be your year in the sun, congrats!
  • New Board Member Elected as Co-Chair for Annual Lung Cancer Walk 
    Marcy David, new board member for 2015, was elected as Co-Chair for the Free to Breathe Annual Lung Cancer Walk sponsored by The NW Lung Cancer Group. Marcy continues the
    WIFS board legacy of members who are deeply involved in the Portland community. We celebrate you!
  • OCRF Gives WIFS Kudos for Imagine the Cure Virtual 5K!
    OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund) Team Hope All-Stars:
    “On Saturday, September 13th, Women in Insurance and Financial Services held the WIFS Imagine the Cure Virtual 5K Race. Participants ran or walked in any location, including
    treadmills, on their own or with friends, to complete the race. In total, $850 was raised for the cause. Thank you to everyone who participated!”A round of applause is in order for the Portland Metro runners, who tied with Northeast Florida for the chapter with most participants from all the chapters in the country!

    Our local participants were: Liane Nishimura, Angela Dockum, Lisa Parks, Maia Chase, and Christy Aleckson. Go Team PDX!

  • Board Member Christy Aleckson Quoted in First Affirmative Financial Network Press Release and Investment News!
    Our most quotable board member, Christy Aleckson, recently shared her thoughts in two financial and investment related articles.First Affirmative Financial Network, in their October press release titled “First Affirmative Survey on the Views of Financial Professionals About SRI,” shared the results of this groundbreaking study. In it, we learn that women financial professionals are much more likely than men to focus on SRI (Sustainable, Responsible, Impact) investing, are roughly twice as likely to believe that SRI is a rapidly growing aspect of the industry, and more likely to say that the industry needs to change to meet the SRI-oriented needs of the younger generations of investors.

    Christy is a leader in the SRI investing community, and has this to say about the trends: “The survey’s findings that women in the financial world are more inclined than their male counterparts to embrace SRI is an important one and it points to where the industry will end up on this question in the long run. As more and more women join the ranks of financial professionals over time, the availability of SRI investment strategies for any investor will improve, and the notion of investing for positive impact will become a common practice. It is literally another instance of where women will lead the way and I’m proud to be among the pack.”

    See the full press release for more survey results:

    First Affirmative Survey on the Views of Financial Professionals About SRI

    In a November article about female advisors as trendsetters toward personal, meaningful investing, InvestmentNews shared a portion of the above quote, focusing on the socially conscious aspect of the survey results and of women advisors’ roles for the investors of the future. Thank you Christy for sharing your insights into this exciting new trend, as you pave the way for a healthy, flourishing future for our community!

Water Cooler News

(Editor’s Note: This is our WIFS ‘gossip column’ where you can announce fun personal news!)

  • Greta1Greta3Welcome Bouncing Baby Greta to the World! Congratulations Marie!
    Next time you see WIFS board member Marie Selby, be sure to congratulate her on the new addition to her family! In the meantime, enjoy the adorable pictures she passed along. Greta was born on October 24, and her adoring parents could not be more excited. Congrats Marie, we can’t wait to meet her!
  • WIFS Members in Conchords Chorale – Angelic Voices and Community Leadership!
    When they’re not financial advisors, insurance agents, or active WIFS members, Linda Rutledge and Morgan Roe are singing in the Conchords Chorale! Linda Rutledge is the current Conchords president of the board, and has been an active part of the non-profit for over ten years.One of the premier community choral groups in the greater Portland Metro area, their goal is “to make a difference in the community through musical performances.” They perform at retirement centers, annually at the Rose Festival, Christmas shows, and for special events.

    Our very own divas!

  • Alice TangHonored Board Member Alice Tang Celebrates 20 Years in USA!
    Veterans Day 2014 was Alice’s 20th anniversary in the United States! A group of girlfriends threw a party to celebrate an irreplaceable member of our community, and a dear friend. Three high school friends flew in from Australia, Canada and New York to join in the celebration. Alice says of her experience here: “I love the USA and the friendships and the unlimited opportunities I have here.” We are all honored to know you Alice!


News From National!

Press Release: OregonLive Shares the WIFS Portland Circle of Excellence Award Winners!

Women in Insurance & Financial Services members were recognized for their high achievements during the National Conference held recently in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.The Circle of Excellence recognizes those who achieve significant income levels in the insurance and financial services industry. This prestigious recognition is based on annual production for the previous year.

A record-breaking 157 members qualified for this distinction with combined income of $43.5 million. Among the recipients, the following Portland Metro Chapter members were
  • Christina Aleckson, Financial Advisor, Single Point Financial Advisors
  • Karen Kane, President, Insurance Solutions NW
  • Nancy Kelly, Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual
  • Annette Kendall, First Republic Bank
  • Lisa Lettenmaier, Principal, Health Source NW
  • Mackenzie Martin, Financial Advisor, McCoy Foat Wealth Management Group
  • Mary Strasdin, Certified Public Accountant, McDonalds Jacobs PC
  • Alice Tang, Vice President, The Business Planning Group

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