In practice of our chapter mission, WIFS Portland Metro strives to support women in a number of ways.  Here you will find links to other industry organizations, associations and groups that compliment and match our mission, goals and “pay-it-forward” philosphy.

2018 Non-Profit Recipient:

Metropolitan Family Service

Metropolitan Family Service (MFS) is actively pursuing its mission of moving people beyond the limitations of poverty, inequity and social isolation. This year we remain on track to serve over 13,000 individuals and families at over 40 sites in the Portland metropolitan area, providing after-school academic and enrichment activities, hunger relief, early childhood learning and parent education. MFS values engagement from all generations; older adults mentor youth to raise child literacy, and MFS offers transportation and connection for those who experience disability in adulthood.
This year, MFS is helping more families meet their basic financial obligations, bounce back from a financial shock, plan for a more prosperous future and perhaps most importantly have more fun and enjoy life that comes when financial stress is reduced. Opportunities to support MFS in the coming months include attending the Classic Wines Auction Corks and Forks event, and attending or volunteering at the 3rd Annual Oregon Polo Classic.